Sweet tits is...


Sweet Tits is the lesbo spinal tap. From Brooklyn. With Lola Rocknrolla, Sandee Candee, Alicia Godsberg and Kiki Barrera!


Lead Maniac & Sax / Lola Rocknrolla
Lead Guitar/ Alicia Godsberg
Lead Bass / Sandee Candee
Lead Drums / Kiki Barrera



Sweet Tits Live!

Friday, March 24

At Freddy's Backroom, 10:30 pm

At 9:30, see our friends, Reverend screaming fingers and more stay late for fred thomas late night funk and soul! 

See the Facebook invite here


627 fifth avenue, Brooklyn

don't miss it!!!

CD cover draft.jpg
CD cover draft.jpg

Greatest Tits

by Sweet Tits