Sweet tits is...


Sweet Tits is the lesbo spinal tap. From Brooklyn. With Lola Rocknrolla, Sandee Candee, Alicia Godsberg and Kiki Barrera!

Lead Maniac & Sax / Lola Rocknrolla
Lead Guitar/ Alicia Godsberg
Lead Bass / Sandee Candee
Lead Drums / Kiki Barrera



Sweet Tits cd release party!

thursday, june 21st

At littlefield

635 Sackett street, Brooklyn

doors at 7:30pm, show at 8pm

hosted by Murray Hill and featuring

dolly trolly & burlesque performances by legs malone, fem appeal, bambi the mermaid and brief sweat

and of course, sweet tits!



CD cover draft.jpg
CD cover draft.jpg

Greatest Tits

by Sweet Tits