Sweet tits is...


Sweet Tits is the lesbo spinal tap. From Brooklyn. With Lola Rocknrolla, Sandee Candee, Alicia Godsberg and Kiki Barrera!

Lead Maniac & Sax / Lola Rocknrolla
Lead Guitar/ Alicia Godsberg
Lead Bass / Sandee Candee
Lead Drums / Kiki Barrera



rockaway music festival!

sunday, July 14

Rockaway Brewery / Rockaway Beach
415 Beach 72nd Street

4pm Electric Neil
5pm MUCHO (Sarah Mucho)
6pm Tin Vulva
7pm Dolly Trolly
8pm Sweet Tits
9pm Maya Lo
10pm Wav54 -
+ Jay Cowit of Wounded Buffalo Theory (DJ SETS between Acts & Afterparty) 


Littlefield, Brooklyn - June 2018


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